Email 101: POP3 vs. IMAP

Email gets transmitted amongst and between servers and ends up in your inbox through one of two processes: POP3(Post Office Protocol version 3) or IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol). [...]

Google Rewards HTTPS sites!

It's official! Google has announced in August 2014 that SSL/HTTPS is now an official ranking signal. Although it probably doesn’t have as much weight as let’s say, high-quality content, [...]

SEO Tips #17: Relevant Keywords

Definitely, using the right keywords is important, but do not overuse them. This will make your page spammy. You can use the Google Keyword Planner to find out what your [...]

cPanel Phishing Alert

Email asking you to login to your cPanel Admin Hosting account You may have been sent an email with a link that takes you to a web page that [...]

SEO Tips #16: Creating Sitemaps

Sitemaps have always been a part of best Web design practices. But, since the time when search engines first adopted sitemaps, they have become even more important. A sitemap, [...]

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