SEO Tips #13: Quick Navigation

When you design your website, make sure the navigation is not difficult. Let users experience an easier navigation when they land on your website so that they can easily [...]

SEO Tips #12: Responsive Web Design

Designing for multiple devices, aka responsive design, is what Google recommends. This type of design allows your website to perform optimally on multiple devices. From an SEO perspective, a responsive website [...]

SEO Tips #11: Optimized Images

To get a better rank in the search results, optimize your images along with the text on your website. Avoid using large images on your website. Keep the image [...]

SEO Tips #10: Google First

When you blow your nose, someone’s asks if you want a “Kleenex”. If you search for something on the Internet, you “Google” it. The point? Always optimize for Google [...]

SEO Tips #7: Use Google’s Tools

Google provides us with a ton of great tools we can use for SEO optimization. Be sure to make use of there: Google Analytics (tracking your visitors) Google Webmaster [...]

SEO Tips #6: Use HTML Text

With modern browsers finally jumping on the “typography bandwagon”, we can use custom fonts when and where they are needed. So, take advantage of this technology by using as [...]

SEO Tips #5: Construct Proper Links

Always attempt to accurately define what someone will get when they click on a link. For example, “Download Our SEO White Paper” or “Review Our Human Resources Guidelines” are [...]

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