SEO Tips #3: Write Clean Code

Search engines like to see nice mark-up… It allows them to more easily read what is on a site and its pages. Thus, make appropriate use of tags and [...]

Moving to MariaDB from MySQL

Today we announce that all new shared hosting accounts will now come with MariaDB database instead of MySQL. MariaDB 10.0 is a highly compatible, drop in replacement for MySQL [...]

PHP Modules Updates (cPanel)

New updated PHP packages on all our cPanel Shared Hosting Servers. Changelog: PHP 7.0 added gmagicck extension; updated xdebug to 2.4.0RC3; updated imagick to 3.4.0RC4; APCu updated from 5.1.0 [...]

Shared hosting servers updated to cPanel 54

We have upgraded all our shared hosting cPanel servers to version 54.This version introduced a lot of improvements and many useful and exciting features.Change log: 54 Change Log New [...]

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