WordPress Update Service

What is it?

Updating of your WordPress core and all plugins. Default or non-customised themes will also be updated.

A WordPress expert will update your entire website to the latest secure versions.

We are confident in our work. You only pay when the job is done. Once you are 100% satisfied, we will send a Paypal invoice. No upfront payment is needed.


Upgrade of your WordPress, plugins and themes to the latest versions.

From S$49.00

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Every Order Includes:

Update core WordPress

The latest secure WordPress version will be uploaded and old WordPress files replaced. Includes updating of MySQL database.

Safely update every active plugin

All plugins updated and verified to be working with new WordPress. Alternatives suggested for incompatible or insecure plugins.

All default themes updated

Any theme which has not been customised can be updated. This includes all default themes and any downloaded from WordPress.org.

Fully tested upgrades

Updates are fuly tested to ensure nothing on your site breaks, and that everything is compatible. We sort any issues that may arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will you start?

We will start working on removing malware from your WordPress website usually within 24 hours.

How long does it take?

Every website is different so the amount of time it will take will depend on how complex the infection is, but we can usually complete the cleaning process on the same day.

What info do you need?

We will need access to your website, so login details for your control panel (usually cPanel), FTP and WordPress admin are required.

Will you break my site?

No, we will take a full backup of all your files and database/s. This way if anything breaks we have a restore point and can work out what is incompatible.

Is this important?

Yes it is. Outdated plugins or themes can leave your site vulnerable to security holes. It is important to keep everything updated to prevent being hacked.

How many sites?

Each one-time WordPress update service covers a single WordPress installation. We suggest this be performed at least monthly.

If you have any other questions about our WordPress update service, please feel free to contact us.