FileZilla is a free client software that allows its users to connect a local PC with an online server in order to exchange data.


Download links to the current version are found on FileZilla’s website


User interfaces with window layouts

FileZilla presents the following interface in order to exchange files between your locally connected computer and a server.

The client software’s user interface is divided into 6 areas, which have been marked with different colors for clarity.

  • Toolbar (purple): provides varying functions
  • QuickConnect bar (red): this section is for the connection to the server
  • Message protocol (green): displays messages about transfers and the connection
  • Local directory (pink): shows files and directories on the locally connected PC
  • Server directory (yellow): shows files and directories on the server
  • Transfer queue (orange): lists files that are to be transferred as well as files that have already been transferred

Setting up a FileZilla server connection

Establishing a server connection is easy with the help of the Quickconnect function located under the menu bar.

Enter the appropriate login data in the corresponding boxes located in the Quickconnect bar. This consists of a server name, user name, and a password.